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Category Bottled Wine for Sale
Created April-25-2017
Title Exportamos/We sell Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, Carmenere, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Rose, Late Harvest, Sauvignon Blanc, Blends Botella/Granel
Varietal Entry Varietal Reserva Gran Reserva
Year 2017
Country Chile
State or Province  
Region Central Valley
Quantity 1,200,000 Liters
Volatil Acidity  
Description Our winery has a long tradition providing one of the best wines from Cachapoal Valley,
starting from the very beginning in1938. We maintain the same vineyards used more
than 70 years ago to produce the best wines of the region. For accomplishing this goal,
the winery owns 170 hectares of high quality vineyards, producing over 1.200.000 liters
per year.

We keep the old traditions in the process of wine, but also introducing modern elements in
order to improve the quality of our products, according with the current times.

All these conditions, are fertile soil for growth, however we are a truly family-boutique
enterprise, looking for more personal and long term business relationships.

Our wines have been awarded with numerous prizes as: medals in the Catad´or
Grand Hyatt awards, Wines of Chile awards,London International Wine Challenge,
Decanter wines awards, Palacio del Hierro, Guia Peñín, CWSA. They also have
been graded between 90 and 96.

Our portfolio is made up of bottled and bulk wine and we have a wide range of
qualiry wines levels and varieties waiting to be tasted by you. We can mention that
we also offer great flexibility regarding our products, which can be customized
according to the requirements of each customer and market, as well as private labels.

Our very best regards
Total Acidity  

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