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Item details
Category Bottled Wine for Sale
Created February-16-2011
Title Chateau Aney Cru Bourgeois AOC Haut Médoc
Varietal AOC Haut Médoc Red Wine
Year 2006
Country France
State or Province BORDEAUX
Region AOC Haut Médoc
Quantity 3,000 Liters
Volatil Acidity  
Description Clean, intense dark ruby and brilliant robe. Nose mineral, floral, rose, fruit aromas, fresh blackcurrant and cherry, well developed, elegant bouquet, complex. In the Mouth, the wine's ripe fruit of blackberry, black currant flavor, structured finish lightly timbered. Silky, nicely evolving, rather sweet fruit, well fleshed and very elegant in mouth, fine balance, most pleasant flavors, long, lingering finish. Very fine, well made wine, very charming and balanced.
Ageing from now 10 to 15 years.

Contact in English, Spanish, German or Italian:
Jean Aurélien BERGER - Export Manager
Total Acidity 12,5% by vol.

Argentina Chile Spain California